Return to the Crossroads

It’s been over two years since I’ve put new content on this website.  I went down a different road and learned new things about myself.  New? Perhaps not.  The same lesson keeps punching me in the face: create stuff or wilt. Hopefully the stuff I create is interesting and thought-provoking, but if it only exists in my head then it will only provoke my own thoughts… about why I’m not doing it.

So, as 2015 nears its end, I’ve come to yet another crossroads and I’m dedicating myself to a new and productive journey.  I’m gathering momentum, formulating a plan, and creation is happening.  I’ve learned I can’t do it alone.  My ideas work best when others bring their skills and talent along for the ride.

Thank you to those who submitted and interacted with my website in the past.  I’ve not forgotten my Song Stories promise, however for the time being I must leave them by the side of the road.  Until then, I’m going to move forward, in a zig-zag a pattern of focus and creation.


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