The Mirror

Promo image for "The Mirror"

Promo image for “The Mirror”

The Mirror was P.J. Elwood’s follow up to surreal piece Grounded in Fantasy It premiered at Mai Theatre during the Montreal Fringe Festival in June, 2012.  The Mirror was workshopped with the help of Vivian Lin, Leonardo Dell’Anno, Ori Dagan, and its two stars, Natalie Morgan and Pamela Barker over the course of several months.  Beginning as more of a dramatic piece, it ultimately was distilled into a smart, 45 minute one act play.


 Em …………….. Pamela Barker

 Kay …………….. Natalie Morgan

 The Voice …….. Sheila Barker

The Main poster for The Mirror

The Main poster for The Mirror


The Mirror is about two woman who are trapped together in an alternate “single life” purgatory world.  The only way to escape is for Kay (a perpetually single woman), to teach Em how to be single now that her long-term relationship is over.

There is, of course, a catch: the world of single-life purgatory has pre-conceived notions of what a single woman’s life should be like and what Kay should be teaching Em.  When Kay differs from the lesson plan, will Em respond?  Will the world release them from the endless unhappiness that single life purgatory would have them live in?

Here is a clip from one of our shows in Montreal, June 2012.

Below are some pictures from our Montreal show, 2012