If you would like to post your own artwork on this site, or if you want Accidental Crossroads to produce one of your projects, send us an email and we’ll be sure to respond!

VISUAL ART Contributions

If you are an artist and think you might want to draw, paint, sculpt, or photograph something inspired by one of the stories you’ve read here, please submit your artwork to with the title of the short story and the title of your piece (even if they are the same thing).   You will get artistic credit for you work, however, you must accept that others may be inspired by you and wish to use your work for their own creations.

MUSIC Contributions

If you are musician and hear a song forming based on any of the  stories posted, then please do it. Write it. Record it. Share it.   Please submit your music to and it could be featured here on this website.  YAY!

We look forward to creating with you!

Pamela Barker,

Creative Director