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Pamela Barker

Pamela Barker


Pamela Barker is a writer, performer, and director from Toronto.  She is also weird accordingly to a lifelong list of friends, co-workers, family, and random strangers.

Hell, I’m writing this, so let me switch up my narrative choice here.

I think weirdos are getting more street cred these days.  Whatever that means.  I like streets, but roads are better.  And credit?  Unless you like your own work, flattery will just fall… well, flat.

In the past, I’ve written a couple of plays (using a pseudonym – more on that later in a blog), directed a few more, and have gotten on stage to act more recently.  I find writing and directing for theatre is easier when I put myself through the experience of performing every once in a blue moon.

Music usually gets me thinking about characters and choices.  From one song, a whole world can emerge for me.  Sometimes, I’ll listen to that song over and over again while writing a particular moment – usually the climax of a scene.

And, yes, I’m writing my first novel right now.   My deadline for the first draft is June 1, 2013.  If I reach my goal, I’ll post the opening chapter here on this website – so look out for that.  Also in the works is an original musical.  I’m collaborating with long-time friend Ash Catherwood and a small ensemble cast.  More on that soon!