Accidental Crossroads started in November 2010 with the goal to write, produce and present a piece of original theatre.   By July 2011, Pamela Barker and Leonardo Dell’Anno produced their first fringe ensemble piece, Grounded in Fantasy in Toronto.  They followed Grounded with the two-person show, The Mirror, which premiered at the Montreal Fringe, 2012.

The dynamic duo  organized a summer 2012 fundraiser night, presenting an alternate version ofThe Mirror in Toronto, after which Leonardo decided to focus on other projects and Pamela concentrated more on her writing.

Now, it’s time for Accidental Crossroads to step in a new direction.  We hope this website becomes an exciting meeting ground for artists to inspire each other.

To get started on this new path, you will find the following:

  • Original Short Stories
  • Blogs about future projects and an honest look at the process (even ugly parts)
  • Excerpts from plays, novels, and other writings
  • The stuff of dreams.

So, we hope to see you somewhere on this path. And, if any of the things you find here inspire you to create please share your road map with us.

-Pamela Barker, Creative Director

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